Monday, January 14, 2008

800 Attend Green Party Presidential Debate Jan. 13 in San Francisco

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that 800 people attended the first Green Party presidential debate of 2008 held in San Francisco on Jan. 13. Candidates Cynthia McKinney, Jared Ball, Kent Mesplay, Kat Swift and Jesse Johnson participated in a debate moderated by Cindy Sheehan and KPFA radio host Aimee Allison. Bay Area elected officials who are Green Party members - including Richmond Mayor Gayle McLaughlin, San Francisco Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi and San Francisco Board of Education member Mark Sanchez - also spoke. Ralph Nader, the 2000 Green Party presidential nominee who has yet to announce his intentions for 2008, was scheduled to participate in the debate, but he did not. Instead, he addressed the crowd after the debate concluded. Two segments of the debate are now on YouTube, one features Cynthia McKinney, the other features Jesse Johnson and Jared Ball. It is to be hoped that other segments of the debate will be posted soon.

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Harvey said...

Wow it sounds like a real convention of leftist lunatics! Cindy Sheehan as moderator? That must have been fun! Thanks to the Nader voting numbskulls (in Florida alone!) we got stuck with 8 years of George Bush. Trying to do it again this year with wackos like Cindy trying to get Nancy Pelosi's seat and give the majority back to the Republicans? Well that will give you 4 more years to bitch and as malcontents that should make you very happy! Peace brothers...oops...brothers and sisters!